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CBD Vape Juice And Drug Tests

There has been a lot of media in the last year on CBD products and how they are being used for medical purposes and not only. Being available in so many forms from vape oil to even gummies or cakes, we start asking ourselves this question.

Can CBD vape juice get us in trouble by showing on a drug test?

Most drug tests are looking for the presence of THC not CBD so from the start, it is quite unlikely that it will appear. If we look at the chemical aspect CBD is chemical and our bodies metabolize it. Any chemical that is metabolized can be spotted in a test

Most common tests that are performed even when we apply at jobs sometimes can be urine or oral tests. The detection chance in these is really low. There are some factors of course though that influence it. It depends on how often CBD vape juice is being used. Body composition also plays a role.

What test can detect CBD?

So far there hasn’t been created any special test for CBD. Even for companies if an employer wants to discover this about you, he has to pay for such a test to be performed on. So can you still use your CBD vape juice before let’s say you go to an interview?

The answer is…. because CBD doesn’t get you high, this means that your skills that are being used at work will not be affected. So why would a company spend extra cash for really no good reason? The only disadvantage if there is one is if a test comes positive and shows THC although you only used CBD. So far there is no way of telling of THC that appears in a test comes from a join or different CBD products.

Are there any legal measures against the use of CBD?

The legal aspect of CBD is quite complicated and legally it is classified as no medical use. Probably this is one of the main reasons why its popularity grew so much. Doctors, lawyers are in the debate because it has been shown in tests that CBD helps in different health problems. Still, further research is needed in order to calm the waters.

So if you are at home and want to enjoy some CBD vape juice available at this store, the legal aspect is still in a grey area. What you can do is to only use CBD that has no THC at all in it. This is a safe play because you eliminate any chance of THC to show positively in tests.

Now that you are aware of the legal implications that CBD has, you should be more relaxed. The test part can be modified in the future however chances are very low that your employer will ever ask you to take a specific drug test to detect CBD. What do you think the future legislation will bring to this huge area of debate?


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