Here are a few words about me

About me

I have been a
repair guy
since 2000

It is an interesting story about how I started doing this. I started by helping my neighbors a couple of times. They started calling more often and soon I was the repair guy to call when you needed anything done. Over time I have developed:

  • I am able to meet any requirement you may have
  • I can assist you with any home-based task you may have
  • Your desire must be met
  • Will help you and recommend you new projects

I will personally take a look at your home and needed improvements. I can help you improve the old and damaged elements and get the home of your dreams.


successful projects
completed per year


years of experience


new clients
per year




Since 2000 I have
been developing
and honing my skills

I never believe that a person must remain where he is. I believe that he must advance as often as possible and he must always progress. That’s me.

  • ‘’He is great. Thank you so much John. I will use your services over and over again as long as possible. ‘’
    Janina S Hertz
  • ‘’Perfect. All the best from me. I am more than just happy and I have no complaints. Already planning the second project with him.’’
    David Schwartz
  • ‘’Did a great job within days and was a pleasure working with John. Nothing more I can add.’’
    Helga Busguard